Created in the picturesque hills of Northern Italy, MIA ROSA® Dolce Rosso and Moscato come to America as a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wines that embody youthful energy, spontaneity, and a passion for adventure.

“Loving this new MIA ROSA Dolce Rosso and Moacato wines! Sweet, sassy and classy…and with a lower alcohol content, it’s meant to be enjoyed anytime!” – Lone Star Nutrition

At the park, on the beach and over brunch, it’s MIA ROSA time. After that exhilarating yoga workout or while making connections at this week’s breakout business mixer, MIA ROSA is the ideal reset and refresh beverage.

“Thanks @miarosawine! It was a delicious on set treat at #TerribleHR and it just may make an appearance in episode 9.” – Amy Maestri, Comedian

A low-alcohol wine, MIA ROSA Dolce Rosso and Moscato are meant to be enjoyed whenever and wherever the spirit moves you.