16 Mar

Irish Mulled Wine Recipe


In our world, St. Patrick’s Day becomes a long, weekend celebration. The official day is March 17th, but the universal desire to share good times with good friends lasts much longer than that.

So, think it over for a minute and decide to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style, with some authentic mulled wine.

Our chilled MIA ROSA Dolce Rosso is a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine, the perfect accompaniment to holiday reverie. It goes surprisingly well as a featured ingredient to that holiday favorite, mulled wine.

Direct from the source, we bring you mulled wine creatively infused with our own MIA ROSA Dolce Rosso. This Mulled Wine Recipe by The Irish Countrywoman’s Association (ICA) calls for red wine, so why not make it with MIA ROSA?

As lovingly described by ICA member Patricia Cavanagh, of the Ballinode Guild in Monaghan: “Each year since the new millennium, on the Sunday before Christmas, my local walking club in Knockatallon on the Monaghan–Tyrone border meet up with the Clogher Valley walkers. Our annual ‘mulled wine walk’ takes us up to Knockmany Cairn, an ancient passage grave situated on a high hilltop. There we sing carols and share flasks of mulled wine with homemade mince pies and shortbread.”

Sounds lovely – we’re a bit green with envy. But, if you can’t make it to Ireland this year, what’s stopping you from creating your own version of a walking club celebration?

Here’s the recipe. Create, enjoy and dance your own jig!
Serves 12–15
– 1 lemon, unwaxed if possible
– 1 large orange, or two mandarin oranges
– 4 dozen cloves, approx.
– 170g (6oz) brown sugar
– 2 sticks cinnamon
– 2–3 star anise (optional)
– 1 bottle red wine (MIA ROSA Rosso)
– ½ bottle ruby port

To garnish
- thin slices of orange and lemon
- sprinkling of grated nutmeg (optional)

1. Pare the lemon and the orange (or mandarins) thinly and remove the pith.
2. Stud the peeled fruit all over with cloves, and add to a large saucepan with 570ml (1 pint) water. Add the brown sugar, cinnamon and star anise, if using. If you are using unwaxed lemons or oranges, you can add the peel too.
3. Stir over heat until the sugar has dissolved. Simmer for about an hour to give the flavours time to combine. (Even better, you can prepare this a day in advance to really give the flavours a chance to blend, and simply reheat it before the next step.)
4. Strain and discard the fruit and spices. Return the infused liquid to the saucepan and add the red wine and port. Reheat to bring almost to the boil.
5. Serve hot with orange and lemon slices and a sprinkling of nutmeg if desired.


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